How to Find a Local Online Guitar Instructor

With so many options these days, how do you find  guitar instruction you can trust? The answer to this question can be rather confusing and overwhelming. Some of the best guitar instructors in your area may lack an online presence, or they may show up on the second or third page of a Google search. You might not even see them !

I find many students who find me are local to my area, mostly from the Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs areas, just to name a few. Although I do have students in other regions of the country, what I have discovered is students are more comfortable taking lessons online with a guitar instructor who is local. Plus, the added benefits of being advised where to go for repairs or accessories if you need strings or a cable in a pinch.

All that said, here are some key things to look for when looking for a guitar instructor and questions you should ask / think about.

1.) How long have they been teaching guitar? I personally have been teaching guitar for over 25 years. Having experience in one on one instruction is crucial for your learning. An experienced teacher can gauge your ability, and create a lesson program that will best suite your goals.

2.) Where is the teacher from? Although this blog is about finding an online local guitar instructor, see if the guitar teacher has taught at any of the reputable music stores in your area. I myself have taught at stores located in Schenectady, Burnt Hills / Ballston, and Clifton Park. Having a teacher who has taught at a reputable music store is a good start in finding the right guitar instructor for you.

3.) What styles of playing do they teach? Having a guitar teacher who teaches in several styles is more beneficial than one who teaches only one style, even though you may just want to learn blues, or classic rock. I find myself frequently teaching guitar students finger exercises from classical guitar, or a jazz pattern to a student who is mostly learning blues guitar. I have found cross referencing one style and applying it to another style of music makes is more beneficial to the student, both from a technical and musical perspective.

4.) Does the teacher have a website? Having a website is where you can find if the teacher is right for you, listing their experience, education, provide playing examples , what approach they have, and lesson programs they offer.

5.) Lastly, when searching for a teacher online with Google or another search engine, put in all the keywords that are applicable to your area and what your goals are. For Example, if you are a beginner guitar student and live in a smaller town, you might want to put a larger town or city in your search terms that is closest to you. To further your options, put in some of the other larger surrounding towns or cities, and make sure you put beginner guitar lessons if you are a beginning guitar student. Depending what your goals are, you may also want to type terms like rock guitar lessons, blues guitar teacher, adult guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons etc etc.

After you do your research I am confident you will find the right guitar instructor, it could even be me! If you are interested in taking guitar lessons, fill out the contact form and tell me about yourself and what your goals are. Having a conversation before hand is a big help in crafting the right lesson program for you.

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Happy Strumming and Picking – Cheers !

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