Q - What styles of guitar playing do you teach?

A - I teach multiple styles from rock, metal, blues, pop and many others. Lessons are geared towards the student’s musical preference and individual goals.

Q- Do I need to know how to read music?

A- No, you do not need to know how to read music to take lessons. That said for advanced styles, it is recommended and I can teach you from the basics, to music analysis.

Q- I am a beginning student, what type of guitar should I be learning on, electric or acoustic?

A- I get this question a lot and the answer is either. If you like rock or metal styles of music that mostly feature electric guitar, start with an electric. If you like music that primarily features the acoustic guitar, then I would recommend learning on an acoustic.

Q- Are there any differences from playing acoustic to electric?

A- Yes ! There are many differences. Electric guitar is typically easier to play in a physical sense. The strings tend to be lighter and easier on the fingers. Acoustic guitar can be a little difficult to press down on the strings due to their thicker gauge.

Q- I do not have a guitar yet, can you help me pick out a guitar? ( Applies to local students)

A- Absolutely! There is a consultation fee and it varies depending how many music stores we visit. Nothing can be more frustrating when a new student buys a guitar for the first time, and the sales person at the store sells them a piece of junk because it has been sitting on the showroom floor for too long. I will help you find that perfect guitar that you can grow and learn with !

Q- How do your lesson plans work?

A- Lesson plans are catered to each student’s individual goals. Some students want to learn songs from their favorite artists and bands. Other students may want to learn more advanced subjects such as shredding, music  theory, or how to improvise . The most important factor is lessons should be fun with a feeling of accomplishment.

Q- How should I prepare for my first lesson and what should I expect?

A- Your first lesson will be an evaluation lesson and from there, a lesson plan will be created to work towards your individual guitar playing goals. You will need to bring your guitar, picks, some extra strings, and a notebook or paper of some sort. I also allow video recording at the end of the lesson so you know exactly how I played the material for your lesson.

Q- How long are your lessons, are they weekly?

A- Lessons are a typically a half hour and are given on a weekly basis. You can however schedule one hour lessons as well depending if you feel you need the extra time.

Q- I live far away, do you have any alternative to weekly lessons?

A – Yes! I offer “floater” lessons which is a lesson time when we are both available. There is a slight up charge than a student who can commit to weekly lessons. I also offer lessons over the internet.

Q- What do you charge for your lessons?

A- Lesson prices vary depending if you sign up for weekly lessons, internet lessons, choose to have at home coaching, or if you want to schedule a floater lesson. Lessons can also be varied as well. For example, you may take lessons over the internet, but may want to schedule a floater in person lesson from time to time. You can find lesson pricing under the pricing tab.

Q- How do I sign up for lessons?

A- Just go to the contact page and fill out your information.

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