"Jim sounded awesome. He can wail. Incredible guitar player; I was like, whoa!"

Rob Marcello - Guitarist/Clinician , Danger Danger

"Shredder Jim's Beginning Rock Guitar DVD is a great start for anyone looking to enter the world of rock guitar playing. Simple directions, easy to follow pace, and Jim's ability to explain the material all make for a great product. It's recommended."

Metal Mike Chlasciak (Halford, Sebastian Bach, Pain Museum, Testament, Guitar World Columnist)

"Jim is a great guitar teacher...."

Marty - Guitar Student

"Jim is a great guitar teacher. He has extensive knowledge of music theory and can play so many different styles of guitar. I have taken lessons from Jim for a couple years and my playing has improved immensely. Highly recommended!!"

Google Reviews ( - Joe C.

"One of the many things I really enjoy about working with Jim is that he has quite the vast experience as a musician...One of the things he's been able to do over time is cover a wide range of genres including Blues, Rock, Jazz, Hard Rock, Metal..."

Carlos - Guitar Student

"I had the pleasure of hearing him play, and let me tell you, he lives up to his nickname. If I can play half that good in 20 years, I will be more than thrilled."

Colin Owens, Reporter - Saratoga Guitar Show - The Mid York Weekly

"I have been taking lessons with Jim for a little over a year now...I wish I would have started taking lessons with him before...Highly recommend."

Rich - Guitar Student

"Very cool. Sounds great. Killer playing man"

"Great exercise! Sounds very rhythmic! Keep on making amazing lessons!"

"Wow! Great playing and amazing sound! Thanks Jim"

"Incredible, dude! Your sound and technique is awesome"

"This is awesome Jimmy !! Very easy listen, and the wind blowing outside right now as the sun fades makes it that much nicer!"

"Wow thank u so much for this I always wanted to learn this song"

"pretty fast stuff nice one"

"Brother...excellent demo..enjoyed the style u were playing George Lynch...using some great tones and techniques"

"Excellent demo; thanks for postin"

"You should TAB that. Sounds awesome!"

"Thank you! You should post more classical videos, your playing is top notch compared to most youtubers I see play, you execute each note and you have feel. You’re not reading notes off a paper you’re painting a picture, which is a skill often lost on players 🙂 Good job"

"Excellent dude, excellent, I really enjoy it!"

"Outstanding, Jim! It was great seeing you yesterday at Parkway Music! You are truly a master player. I am always inspired by your playing and your positive attitude. Thanks for the riffs my friend.!"

YouTube Subscriber comments from various videos on lessons, amp demos, song lessons, and original material

"I met Jim a few years ago while searching for new guitar gear. Jim is a very accomplished guitar player who is knowledgeable in many genres of music. Jim isn't the type who's rigid or cold in his teaching, its obvious he enjoys playing and teaching and does a great job of working towards YOUR goals. Whether you want to learn a certain genre, learn to solo better, or even learn full blown music theory, Jim can cover everything."

Google Reviews ( - Ken Trendell III

"Ive been a student with Jim Mattrazzo for about 6 months now. I have to say this has been an awesome experience. My level of playing and music theory knowledge is greatly increased, and continues to increase. Jim is not only a great guitar teacher, he really knows how to convey his knowledge to his student. And that is what sets him apart."

Google Reviews ( - Joe Hill

"I have been taking lessons from Jim for two and a half years and have been very pleased. Jim has a wealth of knowledge and is able to explain things in an easy to understand way. Most of all Jim is very patient and personable. He makes the lessons enjoyable. I highly recommend Jim!"

Google Reviews ( - John Bellai

"I took private lessons from Jim for about a year, and I really learned a lot. He is proficient in various styles, so whether you want Flamenco or you're playing in drop C, he can help! I would highly recommend him."

Google Reviews ( - Ray G.

"Jim has been great. He covers everything you need to improve your skills. Jim’s lessions have helped me take my playing to the next level. Thanks Jim."

Google Reviews ( - Lou Spychalski

"Jim has quite an extensive and diverse musical background, and more importantly, he really has a passion for teaching guitar. He's very responsive to my questions and his approach is unique compared to other methods out there. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking to learn guitar in the rock/metal genres. Rock on \m/"

Google Reviews ( - Carlos

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