Are you a
beginning guitarist or
frustrated with how
you're progressing?

Have you been
playing for a couple
of years and still
continue to struggle?

If you answered YES to either one of these questions, then jump start your playing now
with my instructional DVD, and get your guitar playing going in the right direction.

Recommended by Metal Mike Chlasciak

(Halford, Sebastian Bach, Pain Museum, Testament, Guitar World Columnist)

"Shredder Jim's Beginning Rock Guitar DVD is a great start for anyone looking to enter the world of rock guitar playing. Simple directions, easy to follow pace, and Jim's ability to explain the material all make for a great product. It's recommended.

Beginning Rock Guitar DVD

The Basic Building Blocks of Good Guitar Playing

If you have been trying to learn on your own and just not “getting it”, this is the DVD for you! I specifically created this DVD to address topics that are often over looked by other beginner instructional videos, and to help you build a solid foundation. All topics are explained in depth with a high attention to detail.

Subjects covered in the DVD are:

  • How to properly hold the guitar
  • Left hand placement
  • Position playing
  • Economy of motion with both left hand and right hand
  • Right hand picking techniques with close up shots and detailed explanations on how to build speed
  • How to read chord charts with a direct correlation to the guitar neck
  • The most important and frequently used open Major and Minor chords
  • Power rock chords
  • Practice chord progressions examples using both open and power chords
  • How to play along and count to a drummer or metronome
  • Left hand and right hand muting techniques to keep unwanted strings from ringing out
  • Synchronization exercises
  • How to read guitar tablature
  • Movable chord forms using barring
  • Barring techniques and tips
  • Scale construction
  • Half steps, whole steps, and octaves
  • Major and Minor scales in two octaves
  • Minor Pentatonic scale in two octaves plus one note
  • Hammer ons, pull offs, and trills
  • Building finger independence using legato technique
  • How to develop a practice routine to get the most out of your practice sessions
  • Finally, Jim plays an inspirational demo at the end using some of scales, chords, and techniques covered in the DVD


Running time :1hr 45min applicable to ALL styles of guitar playing. This DVD is equal to approximately 3-6 months worth of lessons !


The price for the Beginning Rock Guitar DVD is $27.00 total, and includes $2.00 S&H to the USA lower 48 states. If you live outside of the aforementioned region, please contact me first regarding shipping costs. All DVD orders will be shipped via USPS and a tracking number will be emailed to you upon processing. All DVD sales are final.

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