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Lessons are taught in an informative, fun manner with great attention to detail. Lessons are catered to each individual student’s goals. From simple strumming to advanced styles of playing, I will help you achieve the guitar player you want to be.

What style of guitar playing do you want to learn? I teach several genres of music and styles of guitar playing. Some of the styles taught are Metal, Neo Classical Shred ( Think Yngwie Malmsteen) , Funk, Blues, Rock, Pop, Acoustic Guitar styles – both Steel String and Nylon String.

Other subjects I teach are music theory, diatonic and modal harmony, improvising, advanced jazz chord voicings and function, creating your own songs, music analysis, how to sub-divide beats, practicing using a metronome, to learning songs from your favorite band or artist.

Techniques taught are proper left hand positioning, finger isolation and individual control, legato playing, right hand techniques such as chordal and alternate picking, strumming, sweep picking, righthand tapping, and much more!

Ready to take the next step? Just fill out the contact form with your information, and I will get you started to achieving your musical endeavors!

Heavy Metal Rhythm Sample #1
'83 Gibson Explorer Drop D

In the Teaching Studio
Debuting the Palletcaster


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