Tuition for local in-person lessons is $130 per month, and will either have 4 or 5 lesson days depending the day your lesson falls on. Each lesson runs 30 minutes, and are given on the same day and time on a weekly basis once your slot has been scheduled.

Floater lessons – If you want to take lessons, but cannot make a weekly commitment, I offer floater lessons. These lessons are scheduled when time and days are available. Floater lessons can be an hour lesson, or half hour lesson. These lessons do have an up charge over what weekly lessons cost. Fee for an hr lesson would be $70, a half hr lesson would be $40. Floater lesson are available via internet, or in person.

Internet lessons -  If you live too far away, I do offer lessons over the internet via Facetime or Skype. Tuition for internet lessons is $120 per month and the above lesson scheduling and structuring apply. Requirements for internet lessons are a high speed internet connection and adequate lighting.

In-home coaching (capital district area) – If you want to have one on one lessons, but do not have the time to drive to the location I teach, I do offer in-home lessons. These lessons are only available as an hr lesson, and can be scheduled when a time and day is available. The fee for in-home coaching lesson is $120 to $150 for the hr, and must be within a 45 minute drive from my location.

10 Minute Lessons -  Having trouble with a certain technique, scale, or chord change that you need a quick answer to ? I do offer 10 minute lessons that can focus on a specific problem you may be having with your playing. These lessons are $15 for the 10 minutes, and are offered via internet.

Classical Guitar Performance Sample
Tarleton's Resurrection
by John Dowland

Improvising Live
on the Godin Multiac
Nylon String

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