How To Get The Most Out Of Your Practice Time

In this blog, I want to address a topic that comes up often with my guitar students, and that is how much to practice, what to practice, and when to practice?

I would say about 50 percent of my guitar students are adults, and the other 50 percent are high school, or middle school age. Both have the same obstacle , which is time. So here are some tips on how to maximize your practice time on a busy schedule.

Tip 1 – Set aside a time everyday that you can practice. I know this may sound difficult at times, but if it’s 15 minutes or 2 hours, schedule a time every day that you know will be consistent.

Tip 2 – Find a room or area in your home where you won’t be interrupted. This is so important because getting in the right mind set before you practice will enable you to be more focused.

Tip 3 – As for how much time you should practice, it will vary on a couple of things. One being time, and two what are your goals? The more advanced you get, the more time you may have to put into your practice sessions. If you cannot do an hour straight for example, then divide up your practice time into two half hour sessions. Worse case scenario, say you can only practice for 15 minutes on a particular day. Practice for those 15 minutes which leads me to my next tip.

Tip 4 – If you have limited time for your guitar practice, focus on one thing for those 15 minutes. You will be surprised on how quickly you can get yourself into the “zone” and how beneficial it is to your playing. Practice something that is challenging to you. It could be a scale, a sequence of notes, a technique, or even a section of a song you are learning. Being laser focused will also enable you to correct any mistakes you might have been making but didn’t notice them.

Tip 5Play Play Play !! If your day is that exhausting and your mind is too fried to concentrate, just pick up the guitar and noodle around. Have fun, you will be surprised what you discover and come up with when you let your mind wander. You may also find yourself getting a second wind, and do some practicing and getting into the zone. The important thing is you have the guitar in your hands playing every day. I hope these tips have helped !

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