Leading Edge or Trailing Edge Alternate Picking?

Leading Edge versus Trailing Edge Alternate Picking

Hey Everyone,

In today’s topic I will be covering leading edge alternate picking, versus trailing edge alternate picking. The main difference between the two is at what angle you hold the guitar pick using the down stroke. Leading edge picking, is the side of the pick that goes through the string closet to the neck pick up.  Opposite that, trailing edge picking would the side closet to the bridge.

There are many ways to hold a guitar pick, and many different ways to pick through the strings. Each way has it’s advantages. When you watch a guitar player pick, pay attention to the various techniques they use when they pick. Depending on the passage or phrase, you will notice small adjustments in their hand as they play.

Alternate picking may seem like a straight forward technique, but in actuality is very complicated. The slightest adjustments make all the difference. My advice to all my guitar students is try several techniques. Through experimentation eventually you will find what works, and what doesn’t. That said everyone is different, so there will be a great deal of trial and error. You will refine your technique even more as you advance in your guitar playing.

I did a quick point of view video on YouTube demonstrating Leading and Trailing Edge Picking. Click on the link and let me know in the comments what type of picking you prefer. If you are having a hard time and need help with your picking, we can set up some lessons.  Just fill out the contact form on the site, and let me know what in specific you are having difficulties with.

Until next time – Happy Picking and Strumming …Rock On !

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